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My Ayurveda Life

I took the image above on my way home from dropping my best friend of 12 years off at the airport. We had what some may call a wild weekend and there were times I had the creeping feeling that letting go too much would […]

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Playlist 10: For Dreamy BBQ’S

In honor of the weekend, summer BBQ’s, warm nights and dreamy lightning bugs, a playlist to last you the whole grill session. Side-note: If you out party this playlist we should 100% share beers grill veggie burgers together. Due to Spotify’s amazing capabilities, a few of […]

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A Dreamy Summer

I have a few really great friends and older brothers that constantly remind me when “they think” I’m being absolutely ridiculous. I’ve even had arguments over the fact that I live my life as though I’m in an episode of Boy Meets World. They have no […]

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Ayurveda Summer Tips for the Busy

Summer time. A time to indulge in overly poppy music, Mexican beers, tan lines and afternoon lunches that turn into midnight on rooftops. It feels so good to be back in a four season climate. So good that it wasn’t until this past weekend when […]

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Ayurveda Perfume

Summer is here! And before I bombard you with things you should not do over the next few months, I wanted to remind you just how nice I am. Summer makes me want to smell like a bed of flowers all day. But if we’re being […]

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Collage Log – 6 Values

One of my favorite Ayurveda Practitioners – Doctor Scott Blossom, often stresses the importance of Rejuvenation and it makes me so happy. Rejuvenation can feel so luxurious if you let it in. While I typically have self-care Saturdays (I understand your jealously), I rarely make […]

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Life Transitions and Genius Chimps

A few months ago I made a big decision to leave my stable job in the yoga world. I had followed a seed that was planted long ago to be a part of that world and I had done just that. My time was fulfilling, vibrant, […]

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Playlist 09: Summer Warm Up

This playlist is perfect for those days where you have that flash of Summer in your mind. The one that reminds you of Summers past and warms you even when the sun hides behind the clouds. It’s our trial run to the dreamy months that […]

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